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I am a freelance Senior Concept Artist with more than two decades of experience in designing assets for entertainment. I have worked on international motion pictures and major video game projects. Born and raised in Rome, graduated at ‘Art High School’ and then ‘Fine Arts Academy’, I started my career in Art Deparments of film Productions using the traditional skillset I was trained with.


It didn't take me many years to understand that I wanted to learn and master the new digital tools that were emerging at that time. Since 2009 I have developed and improved my own personal workflow which brought me to the attention of film and game studios and allowed me to work together with other talented fellow artists. 


In my career, I have worked on international and local film productions in the Art Department, both as a Concept Artist and as Art Director, cooperated with international game companies, and contributed to dozens of TV spots for top brands.

primo piano in bianco e nero di Armando Savoia con occhiali da sole scuri

"Armando Savoia is a freelance concept artist and art director for film based in Rome, Italy. His international credits include Romeo & Juliet, Ben-Hur, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Zoolander 2.

In this interview, he talks about his recent projects, working in the film industry and crafting a portfolio that tells a story."

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