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Armando Savoia | Concept Designer

I am Freelance Concept Artist with more than two decades of experience in designing assets for entertainment. I have worked on international motion pictures and major video game projects and I am really fond of my job. My expertise is contributing to shaping the visual identity of a project and helping the production team understand how the final product will look.

As a production designer in Film and Art Director in Video Games I have worked with countless concept artists over the past decades, but working with Armando surpassed all previous experiences.


In 'Those About to Die' most of grand and smaller set designs were strongly driven by Armando's incredible concept creations. He understands history of art, all rules of beauty and composition but most of all he understands space, narrative and film. I met a brother in spirit who immediately understood my vision and improved on it beyond my expectations.


His pipeline is predominantly based on 3D which was very helpful for any collaboration with construction and VFX and over his years of experience Armando managed to structure his workflow fast, efficient and flexible.His level of professionalism is very high due to his long lasting experience. However - as opposed to other artists I worked with previously, Armando shared his trade secrets with everyone who was willing to learn, was very supportive to everyone in the team and thus not only improved the project but the whole design division as well. 


I don't want to work on a project of this scale and with these challenges again, without having Armando in my team. Highly recommended!

Johannes Muecke

Founder & Managing Partner at Wideshot Design GmbH

November 2023

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